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Dose the employee require a telephone number ?

Yes, adding employees is done by sending the code via SMS

What do the numbers under the wallet means?

The number on the left is the wallet balance and the number in the brackets is the last expense done.

Can I transfer money within the app?

Payment cannot be done within the app, Helppy only records the transaction and the confirmation.

Can I export data?

All history data can be exported to CSV files such as email, message, etc by using the small icon at the top left. Exporting data is a premium feature 

How do I know the employee read the task?

When the “New” on the right side disappears, the task was viewed.

What does the orange color of the draft mean?

Draft means salary prepared but not given yet, the date under the word salary indicates the date it should be paid.

How many employees can be added?

The number of employees is unlimited.

Why does co-employer appear under the employer name?

Helppy’s philosophy is that only one employer should take full responsibility.

How are vacation days calculated?

vacation days are accumulated monthly, every month one-twelfth of the yearly eligibility number will be added 

What does ‘negative number of remaining vacation days’ mean?

A negative number means that the employee took more vacation days than they have

Can a task be re-sent?

Only Open or Rejected tasks can be re-sent.

What happen if employer changed or lost phone?

Can login on to any phone by using the login ID and password. 
We recommend changing the password from time to time, please logout, and click on forgot password and follow the link to change 

What happen if employee changed the phone number?

The employer can change the phone number on the employee profile page.

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